FUNDING SECURED: InDance International (Barcelona) secure Creative Europe funding.

Hats off to anyone that takes on the challenge of completing a Creative Europe grant application! If you have, you know what I mean…

That being said, working with InDance International, as well as partnering organisations from across the UK, Italy, Spain, Georgia and the US, Disconnected Bodies has supported the successful application for the hybrid live/digital dance programme: Triplicity, Physical, Virtual and Digital Realities.

The following (from Creative Europe feedback) sums up the project nicely –

Providing co-production, learning and connection opportunities across a range of audience groups, with each providing a differentiated intrinsic value offer. The overarching engagement objective of Triplicity was to increase the range and social diversity of the project’s audience, attracting the least and less engaged.

The project actively removes barriers to engagement, with an emphasis on widening access through increased opportunities for participation. Considering the pandemic induced economic downturn reducing an audience’s opportunity to engage when faced with a requirement to pay, Triplicity works to provide alternatives through an innovative digital model.

Through the exploration of innovative digital engagement and distribution models to attract new audiences for creative and cultural activity, the project utilises new technologies/media to develop new forms of creative and cultural content.

Looking to further past work of dance residencies, events, productions, workshops, performances and development opportunities, the project offers educational opportunities that seek to increase artistic depth and quality of experience for emerging dancers and dance professionals, including choreographers, that develops their creative expression past the conclusion of the project.

It is anticipated that there will be a fostering of good relations between persons, strengthening trans-nation creativity, with the project establishing a number of affiliate and associate partner audiences, which include but are not limited to the young, areas of high violence, social hardship, and inclusion audiences. This is to contribute to a longer-term impact on the resilience of the sector regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Rebuilding trust by engaging with lost audiences to contribute to changes in audience engagement in Europe and internationally, as a result of a period of stagnation, due to social distancing measures. Triplicity is designed to adapt to new societal needs after the pandemic, by combining actions targeting the digital and physical environment, lack of engagement due to a fear of participating face to face can be overcome online.

Disconnected Bodies support included –

  • Audience profiling (read more here)
  • Audience engagement strategy planning (read more here)
  • Audience development planning
  • Grant writing support (read more here)
  • Audience research

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