RESOURCE: Reaching Audiences Online. Artquest Webinar featuring Pablo Colella.

With ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns restricting access to galleries, many artists’ exhibitions and projects have been postponed or cancelled. The long-term impact on galleries remains to be seen, and lockdowns may lead to fewer galleries in the short to medium term. With fewer prospects to show artworks in real life and increasing numbers of artists competing for digital audiences, reaching people online to see and buy art has become more important than ever.

Drawing on their experiences of Falling Birds, a recent project which has been closed during lockdown, artist Helena Hunter and audience engagement consultant Pablo Colella spoke about understanding and engaging digital audiences in a way that is sympathetic to an artist’s practice, interests and capabilities. They discussed what and where new arts audiences are online, how to reach them, and how artists can present their work online in a meaningful way.

Pablo Colella has 12 years’ experience specialising in the engagement and development of cultural audiences. He is a consultant with the Arts Marketing Association, the Audience Development Advisor for Creative United, UK Ambassador for the Artist-Run Alliance and Lead Practitioner and Director of Disconnected Bodies, an arts audience engagement consultancy that supports independent artists and artist-led spaces.

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