CLIENT: Disconnected Bodies oversee PR for Beatrice Allegranti Dance Company. Supporting families affected by young onset dementia.

Over the last couple of months, Disconnected Bodies have been working closely with the Beatrice Allegranti dance company, the Camberley Theatre and Surrey Arts.

Through the production ‘I’ve Lost You Only To Discover That I Have Gone Missing’, the autobiographical experiences of families in Surrey affected by Young Onset Dementia have been brought to the stage.

Working to increase participation opportunities, the work began in community venues where families were invited to a series of Moving Kinship Hubs where they were encouraged to communicate their experiences through movement and dance. This free resource supported by Arts Council England, Public Health and Surrey Arts and part of the social prescribing portfolio in local GP surgeries and NHS Trusts across the UK, addresses this overlooked form of dementia, which often leaves families feeling isolated due to its rarity.

Throughout the duration of the workshop, led by psychotherapy and choreographic practice, Beatrice Alligranti (dance movement psychotherapist and choreographer) and a team of dancers built an understanding of that family’s individual circumstances, presenting an autobiographical dance performance back to them.

A collection of these performances, from across several hub sessions, were compiled and performed at the Camberley Theatre, Surrey.

This unique experience offered an audience group, that due to situational and physical barriers are infrequent attenders, an opportunity to connect with both culture and others in similar situations.

Disconnected Bodies support included –

  • Management of digital channels
  • Design and production of digital assets
  • PR and press copywriting
  • Press management
  • Wider marketing support

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