CLIENT: Making history with the National Maritime Museum and The Collective Makers.

We are extremely proud to announce we’re supporting Black curators shake London museum’s ivory tower by being history making co-producers. 

Alongside The Collective Makers, Joseph Ijoyemi and Lison Sabrina Musset, we’re making history by supporting a black-led intervention within the walls of cultural hallowed ground – The National Maritime Museum. 

If being the first external organisations to co-produce an exhibition in the 86 years of the National Maritime Museum wasn’t disruptive enough, remember the arts’ establishment has a seedy history of ignoring and exploiting the black experience.

Lison Sabrina explains, “as a young black, minority artist, it’s not easy to enter into a space such as the RMG, let alone approach them to be equal partners. But because of the climate of growing pressure for change, this is the right time to blaze a trail”. 

Little consideration has ever been made to the cultural and historical experiences of minorities that make entering a large institution too overwhelming, when their traumatic histories are on display and where even the buildings are white. 

Fully prepared to bear the weight of disruptive progress, we are taking an optimistic leap of faith, with the partnership being a progressive move from both parties to question ways cultural institutions work with black and minority artists.

Joseph explains, “we’re moving towards a more honest dialogue between minority communities and cultural institutions, starting with this beautiful journey where the RMG has given us the opportunity to co-produce an exhibition that reflects what we believe is important”.

Our Connection To Waters is just the first step toward legacy building for TCM who lead with courage, going into the unknown as black role models, unafraid to be consistent with their dream so respective communities have access to previously inaccessible spaces; to contribute their voice to those already occupying the ivory tower.

Disconnecteds Bodies’ Director, Pablo Colella says, “it’s a privilege to be working on this history-making exhibtion that invites international artists into a space that previously has been difficult to access. Their stories will now be told”.

The exhbition, that opens publicly on 31st March 2023, has been named one of the top free exhbitions to visit in London this year.

Full details can be found on the RMG website.

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