Arts Grant Bid Writer

Navigating arts and cultural funding bids can be complicated and demanding. With over a decade of experience as independent consultants, we excel in evaluating and nurturing cultural and creative initiatives to craft compelling bids within the arts and cultural sector.

Working with Arts Council England, we have over 15 years of invaluable expertise collaborating with leading arts venues nationwide and independent artists. We’re known for championing increased accessibility to the arts, leading important arts projects, and using a wide network of local, national, and world-wide contacts to our advantage.

We hope to contribute our expertise to increase the likelihood of your bid being successful.

We’ve heard it all before,

Clients often aren’t sure how best to respond to bids and often complete them in a rush. They find they wasted too much time on writing them, rather than running their organisation or focusing on their creative practice, and more than likely they didn’t get the results they were hoping for.

We look to establish a friendly-professional relationship where we are trusted to guide you and, most importantly, achieve better results for you.

Did you know?

The way ACE bid writing support is changing? From November 2023, all bid writers supporting the completion of Arts Council England project grants will be required to be fully trained and recognised by ACE as a trusted support and/or access worker.

Access Support

Arts Council England offers support through an access worker if you feel you need it. This could be due to neurodiversity, dyslexia, form-filling anxieties, or mental health challenges from the application process.

There’s an easy form to fill out and typically ACE processes requests within five working days. If you believe you qualify for Access Support, you can click here to find out more from the ACE website.

We support bids for the following

  • Arts Council England
    • NPO applications
    • Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice Grants (DYCP)
    • Cultural Recovery Grants
    • Arts Council Touring
    • Arts Council National Significant Projects
  • The British Council 
  • Heritage Lottery Funding
  • The Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • The Foyle Foundation
  • Sport England – Active Together

How we can help you

Bid Writing

  • Common concerns we address include uncertainty in bid responses, limited time for creative practice, rushed answers and unsatisfactory outcomes.
  • Partnering with us allows clients to focus on their core work while we guide them through the process, resulting in improved results.

Arts and cultral funding

  • We have extensive experience in assessing and developing cultural and creative projects.
  • We specialise in writing competitive bids for the arts and cultural sector.
  • We have over 12 years of independent consulting experience.

Arts council england access support

  • We are trained Arts Council Access Support workers
  • We offer assistance for neuro-diverse and dyslexic individuals, or those with form-filling anxieties.
  • We focus on removing barriers to facilitate successful application submissions.

Successful funding applications

  • We have demonstrated success in securing funding from various bodies, including Arts Council England, British Council, Heritage Lottery and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Book a Free 30-Minute Video Consultation.

A complimentary consultation to discuss your requirements or any current engagement sticking points you may be facing. 

We’re happy to provide free guidance that may resolve your questions within the half hour, or happy to discuss how we can work together longer term.