Arts Grant Support Call

A straightforward conversation with leading audience engagement consultant Pablo Colella that clarifies the grant application process and provides actionable advice to take the uncertainty out of arts funding for independent artists. Tailored for DYCP applications or similar.

Public Engagement & Public Value

Artist grants really are about you and your creative development, not the public value. 

That being said, applications should clearly address how you receiving funding will be beneficial to the public at some point, in some way; that could include – 

  • Making work that is public.
  • Reaching new audiences through exploring new methods of working.
  • Developing networks to increase the reach of your work.

We can share our expertise to ensure your work, or the development of your creative practice, is presented as of value to the public and clearly highlighted in your application.

We can support you with,

application content

  • Communicating the value and relevance of your work.​
  • Demonstrating your vision as an artist.
  • Clearly identifying the opportunities funding will provide you to grow and develop as an artist.
  • Establishing a clear professional development plan.
  • Highlighting a commitment to access and inclusion.

Application completion

  • Paperwork, evidence and supporting documents​.
  • Financial and expenditure planning.
  • Activity planning.

application outcomes

As a suggestion, below are the three outcomes for which ACE are working towards, as established in their 10 year strategy: Let’s Create, however outcomes may be different.

  • Creative People: Everyone can develop and express creativity throughout their life.
  • Cultural Communities: Villages, towns and cities thrive through a collaborative approach to culture.
  • A Creative and Cultural Country: England’s cultural sector is innovative, collaborative and international.

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