Audience Engagement Road Map

Providing medium to large organisations with arts marketing and audience engagement strategic documentation that formally organises the identification and exploration of intended audiences.

The development of a Road Map is a straightforward process that encourages a wider vision of participation, clarifies audience objectives and provides an actionable plan that takes the uncertainty out of audience engagement.

Road Maps are intended as a long-range reference document for the situational analysis and initial research/data collection elements whilst also offering individualised and actionable engagement strategies alongside monitoring planning. 

  • Support strategies for change.
  • Encourage artistic and financial stakeholders, including funders.
  • Demonstrate commitment to access/inclusion and artistic value.
  • Develop or deepen your audience on limited resources.
  • Support funding bids.

Our Audience Engagement Road Maps are the gold standard in audience engagement planning, taking full advantage of our industry-leading Sandbox tools.

What we can do for you.

We thrive in recognising when changing is needed; diagnosing engagement sticking points and responding to audience opportunities to provide multiple routes to participation.

Identify the audience that fits

Using our Sandbox framework for a complete understanding of your audience’s psychology and engagement.


Giving more people the chance to take part in the arts, no matter where they live or their social, educational or financial circumstances.

Developing a programme that meets your audience’s self, social and societal needs.


Ensuring all audiences participating in your offering leave having been inspired, moved or challenged.


Giving current audiences the opportunities to become frequent attendees; advocates for your offering, and who share the value of your programme with others.


Conducting thorough investigations to break down participation barriers, reach those less confident, re-engage those who have yet to return after COVID-19, identify those who are skeptical and work to excite newcomers.

Achieve ACE objectives

Supporting your current and future partnerships with ACE, including achieving NPO objectives; outlining your contribution as an arts organisation and demonstrating the tangible value the public receive from their investment in you.

attract commercial sponsorship & financial contributors

Profiles, behaviours and psychographics of your audience to attract commercial sponsorship and potential financial/commercial contributors.

Build your legacy

Ensuring the public experience a long-lasting ‘ingrained impact’ from your work.

Road Map Structure


Situational Analysis

  • Internal Analysis
  • Current Audiences
  • External Analysis
  • Access to Arts/Cultural Funding
  • Access to Wider Cultural Audiences/Visitors
  • Competitor Analysis



  • Tailored research methodologies
  • Audience Sandbox


Audience Profiling

  • Identification of audiences
  • Building audience profiles
  • Overview of reach strategies for segmented audiences
  • Overview of the building of arts offers for segmented audiences
  • Mapping the audience journey
    • Audience Baseline
    • Engagement Priming
    • Figurative Arrival
    • Artistic Exchange
    • Figurative Departure
    • Post-Processing



  • Marketing Segments
    • Market Segment Audit
    • Marketing Segment Audit Analysis
    • Measuring the Qualities of Market Segments
    • Market Segments Diggle Classifications
  • Reaching Current Audiences
  • Audience & Programme Analysis
  • Audience Development
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Commercial Strategies



  • Tactics
  • Marketing Activity Action Plan
  • Budget


Measuring & Reporting

  • Controls and Monitoring Planner

“Relying on fixed audience segmentation – the round hole that you’re trying to fit your square peg – doesn’t make sense. Rather, determine your own audience sets that are relevant to your work and from which organisation-specific approaches can be determined.

After all, how can 67 million people fit into a handful of pre-defined categories?”.

Disconnected Bodies’ Audience Sandbox

Sandbox is our set of industry-leading frameworks and models designed to provide a complete understanding of arts audience psychology and engagement.

Sandbox’s value lies in the ability to simplify the complex dynamics of arts engagement, allowing cultural organisations to better influence engagement behaviour through the use of the most comprehensive audience profiling available and a fresh approach to an audience’s participation journey. 

Developed from collaborations with psychologists, sociologists, arts professionals and over three thousand audience interactions, Sandbox is genuinely becoming a game changer for the wider cultural sector, and is only available via Disconnected Bodies.

We Dive Deeper

Here’s 25% of the contents of our Sandbox – with 112 frameworks, models and engagement flowcharts available in total. (We’ve kept the best to ourselves. Naughty people in the past have tried passing our approach off as theirs… tut!)

For the full list and how the Sandbox can be customised for your audience work, please arrange a free call where we’ll be happy to talk you through what the Sandbox has to offer.

  • Baseline Psychology
    • Thinking Preference and Process
    • Motivations
    • Motivation Direction
  • Cultural Baseline
    • Visible Culture
    • Invisible Culture
    • Ethnocentricity
    • Intercultural Competence
    • Psychological Foundations of a Culture
    • Stigma and Group Inequality
  • Barriers
    • Practical, technical, cultural, situational, personal, attitudinal and perceptual.
  • Decision Making
    • Speed
    • Planning Style
    • Influence Preference
    • Stimuli
  • Artistic Exchange
    • Engagement Pathway
    • Engagement Direction
    • Entry Point
    • Gamification
    • Importance of Modelling
    • Psychology of Meaning
    • Small Group Psychology
  • Post-Engagement
    • Selective Remembering
    • Misremembering

Where Others Fall Short

  • Oversimplifies the process audiences go through when deciding to participate.
  • Is limited to a set number of segments with very fixed profiling – how can 67 million people fit into a handful of predefined segments?
  • Fails to consider the engagement process involves more than one decision and that different factors determine the outcomes of each decision. 
  • Arts organisations are not provided with enough correct information to determine what strategies may be appropriate and when to use them.
  • Doesn’t consider the complete audience journey including artistic exchange or post-engagement impact.
  • Over reliance on an audience’s socio-demographics rather than their personal, situational, cultural, institutional and historical factors;  not providing the practical guidance needed to influence engagement behaviour.

Bespoke Audience Research

When commissioned to oversee audience research we look to strike a balance between measurable impact and immeasurable value. We strive to capture, illustrate and interpret the value and impact of your audience’s experience through the use of our Sandbox frameworks in addition to existing data from a number of regional and national desk-based sources.

Although audience research can be time consuming, over a number of years we have distilled down methodologies that largely focus on observational and participatory dialogues and ‘deep hanging out’ through an immersion of ourselves within your culture. 

If you believe bespoke audience research would be of benefit to your programme, please message us to discuss methodologies. If a focused two-day workshop of intense data collection would be more suitable, please consider our Audience Voice sessions.

Audience voice workshops

Run in collaboration with an organisation, Audience Voice sessions are led by Disconnected Bodies and are highly adaptable for many desired outcomes, providing the ability to gain insight within a short timeframe. 

Suitable when needing to deepen the understanding of specific audience groups such as reaching unconfident, reluctant or ‘newcomer’ audiences.

Following our Sandbox frameworks and modeling, we have designed an informal session for participants, but one that’s intense in its collection of data. Through reliably structured observational and participatory dialogues and ‘deep hanging out’, the outcome is a robust set of findings that cover a audience’s complete engagement journey from baseline psychology to post-engagement impact. 

“The voices of the audience are deafening in their absence”.

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