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Leading arts audience engagement consultants that support cultural clients with the audience challenges they’re facing.

Advice, research and engagement planning support tailored to meet the requirements of both independent artists and arts organisations of all sizes, either through the completion of full engagement planning documents or by strengthening grant applications with public engagement insights.

As innovators within the culture industry, we align audience psychologies to provide more relevant engagement guidance – to effectively reach and connect with your audience; informing the building of cultural experiences so the public receive maximum value from your work.

2022 in numbers

Disconnected Bodies’ Audience Sandbox

Sandbox is our set of industry-leading frameworks and models designed to provide a complete understanding of arts audience psychology and engagement.

Sandbox’s value lies in the ability to simplify the complex dynamics of arts engagement, allowing cultural organisations to better influence engagement behaviour through the use of the most comprehensive audience profiling available and a fresh approach to an audience’s participation journey. 

Developed from collaborations with psychologists, sociologists, arts professionals and over three thousand audience interactions, Sandbox is genuinely becoming a game changer for the wider cultural sector, and is only available via Disconnected Bodies.

We Dive Deeper

Here’s 25% of the contents of our Sandbox – with 112 frameworks, models and engagement flowcharts available in total. (We’ve kept the best to ourselves. Naughty people in the past have tried passing our approach off as theirs… tut!)

For the full list and how the Sandbox can be customised for your audience work, please arrange a free call where we’ll be happy to talk you through what the Sandbox has to offer.

  • Baseline Psychology
    • Thinking Preference and Process
    • Motivations
    • Motivation Direction
  • Cultural Baseline
    • Visible Culture
    • Invisible Culture
    • Ethnocentricity
    • Intercultural Competence
    • Psychological Foundations of a Culture
    • Stigma and Group Inequality
  • Barriers
    • Practical, technical, cultural, situational, personal, attitudinal and perceptual.
  • Decision Making
    • Speed
    • Planning Style
    • Influence Preference
    • Stimuli
  • Artistic Exchange
    • Engagement Pathway
    • Engagement Direction
    • Entry Point
    • Gamification
    • Importance of Modelling
    • Psychology of Meaning
    • Small Group Psychology
  • Post-Engagement
    • Selective Remembering
    • Misremembering

Where Others Fall Short

  • Oversimplifies the process audiences go through when deciding to participate.
  • Is limited to a set number of segments with very fixed profiling – how can 67 million people fit into a handful of predefined segments?
  • Fails to consider the engagement process involves more than one decision and that different factors determine the outcomes of each decision. 
  • Arts organisations are not provided with enough correct information to determine what strategies may be appropriate and when to use them.
  • Doesn’t consider the complete audience journey including artistic exchange or post-engagement impact.
  • Over reliance on an audience’s socio-demographics rather than their personal, situational, cultural, institutional and historical factors;  not providing the practical guidance needed to influence engagement behaviour.

Our Bodies

Pablo Colella

Director & Lead Consultant

Featured Service Provider with the Arts Marketing Association

With 12 years’ experience specialising in the engagement and development of arts audiences I collaborate with clients to widen reach, create impact and gain audience recognition. My expertise can support the growth of current and new potential audiences, anticipating their preferences and barriers to participation.

My passion lies in working with niche and innovative people and projects to develop more relevant audience engagement strategies and in turn enabling more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant arts experiences.

Lucie Mullick

Research & Writing Assistant

As a Doctoral candidate and researcher in Music and Interactive Media, I have an interest in exploring how people use and engage with visual culture and new-media technology. Working at DCB I’m able to use my passion for research to provide insights into cultural audiences and their changing engagement habits.

What Our Clients Are Saying.

Ruby Dixon, Kai LaB

Disconnected Bodies have been fantastic in supporting me in the development of two grant applications for the Arts Council England. Pablo continues to be very generous in offering his time as I look to build knowledge around engaging new audiences and making cultural experiences accessible. Pablo is a great communicator and a pleasure to work with!


Pablo offered us a valuable service to help understand who we were working with and how we we reaching our diversity targets. The Audience Roadmap he developed for us also began clarifying where we needed to reach to next to ensure we are connecting with a range of people.

Harshiv Parekh, Comma Sounds

Disconnected Bodies were a pleasure to work with and were incredibly helpful with the issues my business was facing and gave practical useful advice.


I was specifically interested conducting a competitive analysis, and upskilling my social media marketing. As an emerging independent Sound Art curator and Arts project manager, Pablo’s professional support has been instrumental in providing me with essential audience marketing tools and best practices.

Adonia Bouchehri, Artist

It was really helpful to discuss the different options for possible audience participation that are available to me in the context of my project.


I reached out to Disconnected Bodies to build a better understanding of cultural marketing and audience development for experimental music programmes. I found their approach both insightful and relatable. I was able to work with Pablo on several projects (a prospective Lottery Project grant application and a successful DYCP grant application) and flexibly book 7-8 hourly sessions to support me along the way.

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